FT Services


Our license to operate.

How we go about performing our work and conducting ourselves is just as important as the work we do. We make decisions with safety, quality, sustainability and social responsibility at top of mind. By continuing to demonstrate this culture to our employees, customers and communities, we maintain our ability to operate successfully.

Health and Safety

At FT Services, health and safety isn't just a corporate value - it's a culture that influences our daily decisions and guides how we operate. Whether working on a remote worksite, in an office, or on the road, the safety of our people is always our top priority.

We believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable. To protect our people and help our customers run safe worksites, we have clear targets and policies, a robust HSSE Management System, workforce training and a world class safety program, Zero Harm.

Our Zero Harm strategy is to build safety leadership behaviors and give our people the confidence to speak out about hazards, stop work to prevent incidents and recommend new ways to work safely.

In April 2016, as a testament to our dedication to safety, we proudly achieved 10 million hours without a lost time incident across all of our operations. This is a significant milestone in our ongoing mission towards Zero Harm. 


FT Services is devoted to conducting ourselves in a proactive manner that protects the environment and reduces the environmental impact of our operations.

We believe that all environmental incidents can be prevented and that no task is so important that risk of damage to the environment is justified. So, when our customers want to find the most sustainable maintenance solutions for their facilities, we help them do just that.

Across Canada and on all of our work sites, we are continually improving and reinvigorating our efforts to be responsible stewards of the environment by providing tailored, sustainable services for our customers. This is one of the best ways we can save them money and ensure their facilities are operating at their highest potential. The work we do supports them in achieving their business goals and in creating a lasting legacy.